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A Class Of Their Own

Whether your little one dreams of twirling in a tutu, tapping their way to joy, telling a story, or simply wants to have fun and stay active, we have a class to nurture their passion and provide an unforgettable dance experience.


Preschool Dance

Ignite your child's imagination and foster their love for movement! Designed specifically for dancers 2 to 5 years of age, these classes combine joyful movement with coordination, rhythm, and social skills.



Discover the timeless elegance of ballet, where precision, poise, and fluid movements come together to create a captivating art form that emphasizes discipline, technique, and storytelling through dance.



Get ready to groove, shimmy, and shine as you immerse yourself in the world of jazz dance, where coordinated rhythms, dynamic movements, and sassy stylings come together to create a captivating experience.


Hip Hop

Unleash your inner groove and embrace infectious beats with this popular dance style! Hip-hop uses unique, ever-evolving moves that embody confidence and boldness.


Musical Theatre

Immerse yourself in the magical world of musical theatre, where dance, acting, and singing come together in perfect harmony to tell immersive stories through choreography and acting.



Feel the exhilaration of tap dance as you create music with your feet, mastering intricate rhythms and lively footwork that transforms your every step into a captivating percussion performance.


Acro Dance

Experience the thrill of combining dance and acrobatics as you learn impressive tricks, breathtaking balances, and seamless transitions that showcase strength, flexibility, and grace.



This  fluid and expressive style pushes boundaries, blending techniques from ballet, modern dance, and improvisation to create emotive and thought-provoking movements that tell deeply personal stories.

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